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FIVE Great Reasons a Career as a Masonry Professional may be for you.

  1. No-Debt Career Path: Education is paid by each union trade organization which allows every apprentice to graduate without student loan debt!
  2. Cutting Edge Learning: Being a member of the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers allows you to work with trained, skilled and experienced instructors with the latest products and equipment. Continuing education and advanced learning opportunities. 
  3. Training Program: Get paid while you train! As an apprentice, you'll receive hands-on training, classroom learning and job site experience. 
  4. Job Security: Across Pennsylvania and the nation, masonry is booming with new projects starting every day! Opportunities are available within the state and throughout the country.
  5. Career Opportunities: Foreman, superintendent, estimator or start your own business...the opportunities and income are up to you! Union masons also have excellent health care and retirement benefits. 

“It’s the type of craft where you can be highly imaginative, and you get to see the results very vividly.”

Heath Cawley, Apprentice

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