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An affiliation with EBA Contractors bring great value

and cost savings to your business in many ways.

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Skilled and Experienced Manpower

Quality union workmanship means faster completion of projects and the ability to implement creative concepts in building techniques...ultimately saving time and money.


Flexible Labor Supply

Hiring a union mason guarantees you unlimited professional, safety-conscious, craft-trained workers. Our experienced workforce can expand or contract to meet job and project needs.


State-Of-The-Art Training

Our Apprenticeship Programs offer 4-year training producing some of the best masons in North America. Each program provides a unique learning environment with state-of-the-art classroom and simulated workplace environments.


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Committed and Reliable

Our workers are flexible, committed to the job and their community, and willing to go the extra mile to help you complete your projects — on time and within budget.


Health & Safety

We are committed to making our masons the safest in the industry. We train our work force so they are prepared to minimize job site hazards, cut health care costs and reduce injury and disease. 

Click below for a full list of EBA Member Contractors for your next project.

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